The Basement Sessions

by El Tazo

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We are excited to announce our first album ‘The Basement Sessions’ is now available!! It is a 6 song EP recorded and mastered to high quality standards by RTM Productions in Sudbury, Ontario!! The tracks on this album explore various tempos and melodies with catchy choruses and meaningful versus. Looking forward to hearing your feedback as we journey along together in this for ever turning world of space, stars, moongooses, headbangovers and comets on key chains. Keep feeling grootsy Thanks !!

[ El Tazo ]
Victoria Brock
Melanie Young
Amanda Perry
Ian Wylie



released August 13, 2012

Mixed/Produced by: Ryan Macdonald
Thanks to:
Philippe Parent
Sky Wilson [ Graphic Design ]
Craig Dokis [ Band Photos ]
Joel Mackey [ Sudbury Youth Rocks ]



all rights reserved


El Tazo Sudbury, Ontario

lead by WILD singer Victoria Brocks passionate stand alone vocal style and enthusiastic outreach. Melanie Youngs smooth and on point CRUNCHY guitar riffs are no shading to the band. Influenced in the punk style bass banging tones from Amanda Perry hit that big time BOOM. On the back end Hip Hop influenced drumming style Ian Wylie crashes down with a SHELLACKING on the drum kit. ... more

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Track Name: Headbangover
I had the pre-show shits And sweaty palms Couldn’t remember a single word To any of our songs But my lipstick looked good We had a killer crowd It’s balls to the wall ‘Cause we like our music loud! 1234
[CHORUS] I woke up with a headbangover (headbangover headbangover) Couldn’t move my neck And I smelled like shit (headbangover headbangover) I woke up with a headbangover A feeling that seemed to fit
Got off stage and we Finished the show There was a guy at the bar Wouldn’t you know? He had rape in his eyes And too much to drink “Cool you’re in the band.” He said with a wink 1234 [CHORUS] HEAD-BANG-O-VER
Track Name: Grootsy (Rainy Day Song)
I’ll write a rainy day song ‘Bout the times that are gone And all the dreams I’ll never see through I’ll put my paper to pen Say ‘bout what and when Telling stories ‘bout the people I once knew Ooooo... I’ll sing a rainy day song Until my voice is gone ‘Cause I couldn’t care to talk to anyone I’ll spin my 45 and Prop a chair against my door ‘Cause there ain’t nobody comin’ in here Ooooo... This is my rainy day son My last words will live on On a cold sheet of marble by my grave I’m gonna burn my house down take you all with me ‘Cause now you’ve heard my rainy day song Ooooo......
Track Name: Hardwood Classic
Stole his parents car Took it to the bar Then we got ID’d Used our fake ID’s They saw that they were fake And so we had to take Our business to the lake Just wanted to get laid On the way there He liked to smell my hair I thought that was weird But I liked to rub his beard We made a good pair ‘Cause we really didn’t care Just for him I wasn’t wearing underwear Still to young to know Any other way Blink said 16 just held Such better days It’s been a few years How’d I end up here Tried to figure this out But I’m still in doubt I wonder what he’s seen If he ever lived his dreams He used to talk about with me When we were carefree Back to the dock I could barely walk Out to take a look At the path I could have took The scene was still the same But I had changed Gonna try to get back Got my life to reaarange Old enough to know that We can’t change Morrissey always told me I could be strange Na na na na na na How’d I get here?
Track Name: Aerodynamic Moongoose
Got a free ride and I wanna take you But only in my dreams It’s an aerodynamic moongoose Moongoose, Moongoose Moongoose,Moongoose Looking up in the sky, I saw a UFO But it wasn’t a UFO It was an aerodynamic moongoose Yeah you know what they are So go put on your helmet And let it take us wicked far On our Aerodynamic Moongoose Flying in the shape of a V Aerodynamic Moongoose Going to Mars with me Past the colorful rainbows And down the Milky Way Glittery people On a moongoose trip Aerodynamic Moongoose Flying in the shape of a V Aerodynamic Moongoose Going to Mars with me Memories of Moongoose Will always remain But all that’s left from my dream Is a comet on a key chain.
Track Name: Let Me In
Rescue me Can’t save myself I think I'm gonna drown But you know it’s all fun And games When you’re fucking around [CHORUS] Coming back down but I don’t know when I know I gotta get back on My coaster again Playin’ with fire baby It’s such a sin Lay back, close your eyes And let me in Getting burned Ain’t new to me So come knock Down my door This is my war Ain’t coming back Havin’ the last laugh [CHORUS] Bad apples Reckless life Test the water See if it’s right [CHORUS] Let me in!
Track Name: Cats In The Basement